Set of 10 Mixed Succulent Plants in 5.5cm Pots


Looking for the perfect little, cute succulents to add to your collection or to give away as a gift?? Look no further! This set of 10, 2.5" assorted succulent plants are specially hand-picked and make a great addition to any home. They're also great for wedding favours! 

Placement: light and warm spot near a window

can be placed outside during summer, yet needs to be slowly accustomed to the bright sun

Water: summer: no more that once a week

winter: in its restingphase water considerably less - or, when it a cold room, not at all.

In any case: only water again after the the soil has dried completely

These pictures are examples of collections that you may receive, however, I have over 30 types of succulents available that I rotate based on a number of factors, quality being #1, so your collection may vary from the pictures above.